The Key to Sustenance for Startups in India

India is unanimously one of the best places for global market expansion which is evident by the drastic change in the commercial scenario. We are observing that the foreign investors take immense interest in setting up branches and some are ready to fund startups as well. Now, startups are also of special interest. By aspiring entrepreneurs and by interested investors both.

So unlike yesteryears, getting startup business contract in India isn’t that big a deal as it earlier used to be. All that is required to get funding is a great idea, a fool proof business plan and thorough market study. But here’s the challenge; more the companies, greater the challenges. A cut throat competition in which most of the companies are short lived because either they succumb to the competition or cost of running the company that usually happens before the company has set firm feet in the ground.

It is then, when deciding to invest in CFO services in India would count as a sensible decision. CFO services are corporate consultant companies in India that give you an all round guidance on running the company; handling finances, consulting the financial advisors, advising on the short term and long term strategy of the company, maintaining the internal cash flow, raising the capital for the company, mentoring the sales and marketing department. IBS is one such service and one of the leading business advisory services in Mumbai. A very noteworthy point is that CFO services work mostly on short term and long term contracts. So an investment in hiring accountants is equivalent to investing in the CFO services. In fact, you will have to pay your accountants for the entire year whereas the CFO services work on a limited time basis. Also, CFO services hold the ability to mentor the company employees in terms of quality in case the company’s productivity takes a dip. So, the bottom line says that consulting CFO services like IBS, Mumbai could take your company’s sustenance greater durations in the long run.

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