Financial Advisory: Economical and efficient

Ever since the arrival of startup business contracts in India, there has been a boom in CFO services in India and corporate consultant companies in India. IBS is one of them and is one of the leading business advisory services in Mumbai. One of the key responsibilities and specialities of any CFO services is financial advisory. Now-a-days irrespective of the scale of any business, it has become rather important to preserve the assets gathered by the company since there isn’t much cushion time to recover owing to the never ending competition between companies that could lead to the loss of customers or clients in case a company takes unexpected hits. These assets could majorly be property or capital. This can be achieved by investing smartly in places where the expenses are optimised on their own. CFO service is one of those smart places. Now say, you have a dedicated accounts and finance team that does the record keeping and the accounting. We all know that the department is hot only at the end and the beginning of the financial year. So what about the rest of the year. It is not that department is idle, but it is not functional enough and thus not worth the monthly salary that you provide. In which case, consulting a CFO service for financial advisory helps.

At IBS, we provide a wide range of services that don’t miss out the most minor to the most major needs of the company. We also have tailored service for you as per your need in case our default services aren’t exactly what you seek. And the best part of availing our services, apart from cost cutting is that we have a team of seasoned professionals who specialize in their respective fields that guarantees a quality output every time.

We help in corporate finance that is related to loans, debts, bank funding, due diligence, etc. Our team works in the department of taxation that includes direct and indirect tax, international tax, tax advisory, regulatory compliance and tax structuring. We have a dedicated accounting team that works on day-to-day, monthly, quarterly and annual basis. They also specialise in preparing the annual financial report, budgeting, forecast and audit.

IBS also specializes in cost and cost cutting management that efficiently helps you in optimizing and handling expenses in the most efficient manner. We have apart from the above, personalised services as per your needs. For more information regarding us, connect with us on Twitter and if you have any queries, write at there.