How our due diligence helped an organisation get good valuation for its business?

Inc in Valuation

Client: Freight & Logistics

Our Role: Help the client with valuation of business

Challenge: Client was in the business of providing Warehousing and Carrying and Forwarding (C&F) Agent services, serving various industries like FMCG, Pharmaceutical, Equipment Handling, Manufacturing and more. The promoter was running a successful enterprise for 25 years with a good market share and near monopoly in his area of work.  He wanted to sell his business and was looking for a reliable and sound advice on valuation of his business, so he can take informed decision for his company.

Approach: We consolidated all the accounts with various companies and prepared a consolidated financial statement of last 36 months with revalued assets. In addition to the valuation, we undertook extensive due diligence, in line with the current business and clientele. Our report also included segment wise analysis and profitability as well as audit of statutory compliance's.

Impact: The due diligence and the subsequent valuation helped the promoter - owner to assess his organisation in terms of its operations, compliance's, and market value. This further helped him in his business decision to sell his business and command the right price based on valuation.


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